Design your trench coat using our new AR feature

Thanks to our new augmented reality (AR) feature, you can soon look forward to customising your favourite trench coat not only in 2D, but also in a 3D interface. With your regular internet connection, you will be able to visualise your coat from all the angles, selecting your preferred cut, colour, size and other parameters. This feature will become an integral part of our online configurator, making your experience with Liberal Lark even more interactive and fun.

How does AR work? 

AR is a cutting-edge technology which complements your visual experience of the world by digitally created objects and various 3D elements. With the help of your smart phone or iPad, you can then get a more realistic experience when visualising various items, how they fit in a particular surrounding or, for example, match your personal style. With Liberal Lark, you will see your newly designed trench coat in its real 3D dimensions, wherever and whenever you like.

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