Why and where was founded the Liberal Lark brand?

The Liberal Lark brand was created in 2019. Our first created coat was supposed to solve the unsatisfied and complicated demand of the founder of the brand. The demand included high-quality natural fibers with the option to use their full potential.

The city in the middle of Europe, in which the founder of the brand was growing up, was for ages the center of fashion and professional tailors. The founder ability to make your own coat at a young age and long lasting cooperation with local tailors were the core prerequisites for the excellent production of the Liberal Lark coats.

Fashion that combines elegance, functionality and innovation

Frequent travels and sports activities had a huge affect on the high demands for the coat properties, that the founder of the brand had. She always had an opinion that the garments should not be only pretty, but ”smart” as well.

She realized this, while she was skiing or when she was playing golf but, she felt the need for innovative technology the most when she was sailing. While she was sailing across the English Channel, she realized that the heavy sailing tops and trousers can have another layer in the clothes that helps with absorbing the light to charge your phone. The life jacket can be included as a part of the sailing jacket and more and more simplifications in design.

That is why, she started to look for new innovative technologies with one main purpose, to use them for ”smart” clothing. As unique textiles, the ones from the company ”Nanomembrane” were chosen. This company is the only one in the world that can laminate a fully functional membrane on a natural fiber. It adds a special nanosurface on the outer side of the coat, that is resistant to oil, water, wind, and other impurities and is still maximal breathable.

Later one of the journeys to London and its rainy weather decided on the use of these unique materials on our elegant coats for business and free time.

Innovation, quality and sustainability

The strategy of the brand is not just natural innovative fibers and precise manufacturing, but also the emphasis on ecology and support of the small and middle entrepreneurs. The vision of the brand is the production of our clothes with precise tailoring, which also follows the strict requirements for the safety of the environment. That is why is our team currently working on textiles development with maximum recyclability.