Manufacturers will no longer be able to arbitrarily label their products as green, ecological, sustainable, etc. The new Ecodesign Regulation, which sets out clear rules for demonstrating sustainability, has just completed its legislative process. This is accompanied by another measure, the Green Claims Directive. The ecological sustainability requirements, according to the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), apply to all products except for automobiles, defense and security products, food, animal feed, pharmaceutical products and living organisms. Particular attention is paid to the definition and implementation of specific requirements for selected product groups including textiles, furniture, tires, steel and aluminum, cleaning products and chemicals, ICT products and other electronics, through future delegated acts. The Regulation includes rules on durability, reusability, upgradability and repairability, recycled material content, refurbishment and recycling, carbon and environmental footprint and information requirements.  A new digital product passport is also being introduced, which must contain accurate, up-to-date and complete information on the product’s life cycle. From 2026, the Commission will establish a register of digital product passports, which will store unique identifiers for individual products, operators and facilities. The register will be supplemented by a web portal for easy searching and comparing information in digital product passports. Web3 and blockchain technology appear to be the most effective for such a large database. This technology, while not yet widely used…


This week, the European Parliament will vote on rules for chemical recycling for plastic beverage packaging. However, this legislation is also crucial for synthetic textiles. Seemingly two distinct industrial categories share much in common. Mainly, they are environmental goals and associated recycling or carbon neutrality.  Chemical recycling, which processes waste plastics and synthetic textiles, including those that are difficult to mechanically recycle, will play an important role in the circular economy. Chemical recycling is divided into three different technologies: depolymerization, pyrolysis, and gasification. Their distinct processing of waste plastic plays a significant role in establishing clear rules for chemical recycling, important for investments in new recycling industry technologies. European associations have been debating these clear parameters and their incorporation into legislation for several months. Representatives of mechanical recyclers and environmental associations advocate for a measuring point at the end of the entire processing process for pyrolysis and gasification and the calculation method of the recyclate called “polymer-only.” Conversely, representatives of the chemical and petrochemical industries advocate for a measuring point at the beginning of the technological process and want the recyclate calculation by the “fuel-use-exempt” method. The Commission introduced this methodology into its draft Implementing Decision, but the European Parliament’s…

Rationality and Quiet Luxury

The concept of luxury can take many forms for different people and may not always entail ostentatious and extravagant styles. It encompasses products that are primarily meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, unaffected by the fluctuations of fast fashion trends; ambassadors of these brands are respected personalities, and most importantly, they do not require excessive presentation for their sale. If these products cannot be immediately recognized by prominent inscriptions, symbols, or colors, then welcome to the world of Quiet Luxury. But what is life really like with Quiet Luxury? People who choose it do not feel the need for ostentatious visibility of the value of their luxury items. They quietly and peacefully enjoy their attributes, for which they have paid a proportionate price, and they are a regular part of their lives. The main priorities of their lifestyle are inner contentment, balance, open-mindedness, and freedom, the ability to shape their future according to their visions, and many other aspects. A truly responsible and content person sees the value and quality of their life as something they build and develop to be satisfied while also being considerate of their surroundings. They do not need to demonstrate it to everyone. They behave discreetly…

Warming up for the race

New European ecodesign rules are taking a more tangible final shape. The European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement last week on the revision of the EU framework for ecodesign for sustainable products, including textiles (especially clothing and footwear). The purpose of revising the regulation is to enhance various aspects throughout the life cycle of products. Products, in this case textiles, should be more durable, repairable, recyclable, and use fewer energy and water resources. What obligations will arise for manufacturers and sellers of textile products? The controversial obligation, widely debated among manufacturers and legislators, to report unsold goods and the prohibition of their destruction (burning or landfilling) will be applicable following the agreement of the European trialogue. The ban on destroying unsold clothing, accessories, and footwear will take effect two years after the law comes into force. It will also be mandatory to introduce digital “product passports”. These will contain current and accurate information about the product for better consumer awareness. The European Commission has committed to operate a web portal where customers can search for information contained in digital product passports. Old clothes, shoes, or household textiles are also under scrutiny by other European legislation within the…

The effectiveness of digitization cannot be achieved without personal customer communication

Not only a precisely tailored custom coat, an efficient online showroom, and communication, but also personal discussions with the customer are a priority for LIBERAL LARK.  We have therefore decided to open the first consultation points in four European capitals: Vienna, Palma, Prague, and Berlin. We are ready to introduce you to our special natural fabrics, which you can view and try on finished coat models. We will assist you with the design of your coat on the 3D/AR configurator and gladly explain why we complement an NFT of 3D model with each tailored-made coat. The connection between a physical product and a digital product, especially when you can design the coat according to your wishes, is not a standard combination of services. However, we believe that our innovative approach to the business model will gradually become a new standard in fashion, continuing to evolve. We want to highlight the true values of clothing – quality textiles, precise cuts and craftsmanship, functionality, and the durability of materials, all with consideration for nature and society. We don’t sew unnecessary clothes, only those you design and order yourself. Along with natural textiles that are easily repairable throughout their lifecycle and subsequently fully…

Breathes and Protects even without a membrane

The strategy of the LIBERAL LARK brand is to produce high-quality clothing according to ethical principles and in full compliance with the demanding requirements for environmental protection. For the production of tailor-made coats, we always use only top-quality processed natural textiles of wool, cotton, and in combination with cashmere. Of all textiles, high-quality wool is now the favorite. This is due not only to its breathability, ability to wick away sweat, antibacterial and antiallergic properties or flame resistance, but also to its positive effect on biodiversity. The technology for processing of natural materials has advanced and the innovative properties of these new natural textiles are often comparable to outdoor ones. That is why we have decided to use natural materials on our coats without a nanomembrane. The coats are thus more accesible and easily 100% recyclable. The required attribute of water resistance is still preserved thanks to a special surface treatment of the outer fabric, the production of which is fully environmentally friendly. The LIBERAL LARK brand focuses not only on natural innovative textiles, their flawless processing and precise tailor-made sewing, but also on digitization, support for local small and medium-sized enterprises and sustainability.

Wool or Microplastics? The Consumer’s Choice

Wool, a textile fiber dating back to antiquity, remains an excellent material refined by age-old processes. However, its prevalence dwindled with the advent of synthetic textiles a few decades back. Now, according to Textile Exchange, wool merely comprises 1% of global fiber production, totaling 113 million tons per year. Synthetic fibers, in contrast, dominate with 64%, with polyester accounting for 54%. The rise of synthetic textiles stems from their affordability, rapid production, and easy maintenance. Wool, being a natural material, demands care in handling and costs more than synthetics. Nonetheless, wool’s functionality, characterized by flame resistance and hypoallergenic properties, far surpasses synthetic materials. Wool production also positively impacts biodiversity, soil health, and groundwater. Currently, the use of synthetic fibers is under scrutiny by EU regulatory bodies due to concerns about microplastics. The European Investment Bank is one of the European authorities supporting the emergence of new regulations, including the European Green Deal and Circular Economy. Their recent analysis reveals that synthetic materials are the primary source of microplastics, contributing at 35%. Other sources include tires (28%) and city dust (24%). Of the 14 million tons of microplastics released into the oceans annually, 13 thousand tons originate from synthetic textile fibers from European surface waters. This has urged…

The Contrast Between Sensational and Serious NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) may be familiar to those acquainted with blockchain technology, but for many, they remain a mystery. The market is saturated with quirky monkeys, cats, and other peculiar motifs that might not seem inherently unique or valuable. Media coverage is filled with sensational images and stories of soaring NFT valuations, making it challenging to grasp their true significance and purpose. Sensational NFTs typically consist of low-quality digital creations mass-produced to generate buzz, support marketing campaigns, or simply for amusement. These NFTs often lack intrinsic value and cater mainly to speculators or collectors who enjoy acquiring unusual items. On the other hand, serious NFTs hold genuine value and aim to elevate digital art or culture. These high-quality NFTs, crafted by talented artists, resemble traditional art and appeal to both investors and critics. NFTGo’s clear statistics from the past year highlight the difference between these two types of NFTs, showcasing the current prevalence of supply over demand. After the rapid NFT boom during the lockdown period, demand and supply are returning to normal. NFTs are gradually transitioning from excessively inflated values to more grounded, tangible worth. They often represent new and innovative concepts, which is partly due to investors beginning…

Where is the finish line of the race?

Quantity or quality. In the fashion industry, they are still two antipodes: a lot of poor quality clothes versus quality but expensive clothes not everybody can afford. What about a combination of both? It is, however, not compatible with the business models of some clothing brands where the regular growth of sales and profits counts the most. Cheap and bulk productions are intended mainly for mass sales, while more quality and expensive clothes are for demanding customers, well aware of the high price counterweighting long durability. The fashion industry is slowly but surely changing. It engages with environmentalists rather than producers, and with legislators clearly realizing the need for giving the exuberant fashion industry a direction. No matter how alarming the various sources of greenhouse gas emissions, the extraction of fossil raw materials, or the plastic production might be, the fashion textile industry is currently responsible for 10 % of global carbon emissions, which is more than the international air and maritime transport. Further emissions arise in the production of domestic and industrial textiles. The textile production also significantly affects the consumption and quality of water. It globally consumes about 80 billion m3 of water and is responsible for 20 % of…

LIBERAL LARK, freedom in making decisions

The idea of an ultimate high-quality and good utilitarian coat, for formal occasions and also proving its versatility in adverse weather, actually surfaced accidentally some three years ago in England during one of the founder’s business trips in the form of the need to deal with frequent fluctuation in weather patterns. The first such ultimate coat, based on the concept of making a smart tailor-made sailing jacket, was the culmination of challenging requirements on quality, functionality and lack or absence of choice on the market. Lenka Linhartová, the brand founder, was born in Prostějov that was formerly the foremost centre of producing quality clothing in Czech Republic. As she herself admits, “being surrounded by local fashion professionals means spontaneous exposure and introduction to tailoring, the learning of how to correctly choose a well-fitting clothing style, the art of selecting high-quality natural textiles, and most importantly, the ability to recognise a precision tailored-made coat or dress”. She goes on to state that for a garment to be really well-tailored, the entire preparation and production phases require highly professional approach and sufficient time. The hobby of making her own clothes, from dresses to winter coats, during her student life gave her a…

LIBERAL LARK, free as a bird?

‘Why LIBERAL LARK?’ is a question frequently asked by customers. LIBERAL generally expresses freedom, where generosity, impartiality, and tolerance take their rightful place. LARK is a symbol of dawn, joy, creative imagination, and intuition. Some may associate it with a ‘free bird’ in the simple, figurative sense of the word. Yes, liberty and freedom have become the basic attributes of the brand, drawing from the founder’s life experience. Her first longing for freedom arrived after the Velvet Revolution when she started to realize how a free and democratic country should function correctly. Her endeavours towards knowledge and change even intensified when she saw the actual huge differences between the developed democratic countries and the post-communist countries where democracy was only in its infancy. However, the society’s eagerness to quickly catch up with everything and be an equal partner to these developed countries was not always a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, some former communist countries did not have enough time to more deeply anchor moral and ethical values in the society like in the traditional mature democracies. People whose endeavour for personal gain and benefit prevail over the moral and ethical values still come to power and to the…

LIBERAL LARK’s Advice: ‘Leave the Umbrella At Home’

We all know to be in a hurry, trying not to forget anything when leaving home. There is one thing you can dismiss from your mind: the umbrella. Folding a LIBERAL LARK hat in the pocket of your LIBERAL LARK coat without taking up much space or fastening it inside the coat will do. What is the advantage of this? Tailor-made LIBERAL LARK hats and coats are made solely of quality natural textiles with oleophobic and hydrophobic modifications on the surface and may be accompanied by two types of membranes, including the biomembrane. These protective layers protect the textile from water, dirt, wind, viruses, and bacteria while preserving the air permeability of the material.  All coats are made in a classical elegant style and are precisely tailored based on the customer’s precise instructions. Configuring your coat and your hat will give rise to an original ultimate luxurious solution for your business and free time. Is it raining? Just lift the collar of your coat, put a hat on, and cheerfully walk the streets, knowing no bounds and freed from carrying an umbrella. –And that is what LIBERAL LARK is about.

LIBERAL LARK Supports Young Talents

Creativity, hard work, and open-mindedness are some of the many positive attributes of the young talented people who the LIBERAL LARK brand cooperates with. “The potential of young people is huge. They see things from many different angles. They focus on facts and their correct application and have a great view of the future. To develop and duly apply their talent, we should give them as much space as possible,” Lenka Linhartová, founder of the LIBERAL LARK brand, says. For this reason, the brand strategy is to support students, graduates, and young professionals. The brand cooperates with them in the sphere of environmental legislation, in developing 3D/AR models of coats, and also in the creative audio-visual sphere. Since LIBERAL LARK’s every step corresponds to its strategy and philosophy, the brand’s photo models are talented international school students preparing for their university studies in Great Britain and Japan.

New Bio Membrane in LIBERAL LARK Coats

One of the LIBERAL PARK niche brand attributes is the environment-friendly approach. For our customers’ maximum comfort, the ultimate LIBERAL LARK tailor-made coats, made solely of natural materials, benefit from 2 types of membranes, nanomembrane and non-porous membrane, applied to the underneath of natural materials (wool, cotton, silk, cashmere). Our special innovated production technology then provides the textile with maximum air permeability and resistance to viruses and bacteria. All natural textiles are protected from dirt thanks to the invisible surface modifications, oleophobic and hydrophobic. The membranes and the protective surface layer are maximally friendly to the environment, are free of prohibited chemicals, and are produced with minimum water consumption.  Since this May, the LIBERAL LARK brand has started using another type of membrane containing 25 % of biopolymer. Again, the soft non-porous hydrophilic biomembrane meets the strictest standards and is typical of strong resistance to degradation.  “It’s another step forward in our sustainability and environment protection strategies. We are happy to be able to replace 25 % of the fossil source consumption with biomass while preserving the maximum quality and functioning of our innovative natural materials,” the brand founder says.

LIBERAL LARK nanomembrane – more protection and comfort, less burden on nature

The basic building block of LIBERAL LARK coats is a patented nanofiber membrane, having pores that are 25% more than in the case of microporous membranes.  And how the customer and mother nature feel about these unique qualities? Our coats will provide you with maximum protection against rain, wind, cold as well as against dirt, viruses and bacteria. Thanks to high elasticity and breathability, you will feel simply comfy in our coats even in rainy or chilling weather.    The application of Nano membrane has a positive impact on the environment. Production of nano textiles gets along without using water or toxic substances such as PFOA. The combination of a nano membrane applied to a natural textile with a top nano layer provides LIBERAL LARK coats with above-standard resistance. Given the fact that we solely make tailor-made products and products made to order, we do not burden the planet by overproduction.    

LIBERAL LARK will represent you even virtually

The luxurious niche brand LIBERAL LARK will clothe you with elegance and distinguish you even in the virtual world, which penetrates more and more through the real world. Our coats will soon become compatible with technologies such as Web3,  augmented reality, metaverse or NFT. Try on your fashionable item through augmented reality Now you can design your coat in detail in a 2D configurator on our website and order it right away. We are currently working on an innovative 3D/AR configurator; the configurator will contain a new function of augmented reality so that you can see the coat designed by you in 3D/AR for example at home in your bedroom or anywhere else with internet access. LIBERAL LARK coats also suits virtually – thanks to the interconnection with NFT  It is just your unique coat – which you will design yourself in a configurator – that may become a non-fungible token (NFT). Besides a physical coat that we will tailor-made for you and send to your address, you will also receive a NFT of your digital coat.  Then you can put on the coat in the so-called metaverse format, where we are represented by avatars. The objective of the niche fashionable brand…

LIBERAL LARK complies with ESG

The abbreviation ESG – often currently used also in connection with sustainable investing – designates liability of companies at the environmental, social and governance level.  Let us see how these three principles are reflected in LIBERAL LARK’s strategy.   Environmental aspect Care for the environment is at the foreground during the design and production of LIBERAL LARK coats. Garments are made from nano textiles, the production of which does not require use of water, does not contaminate water and progresses without energy-consuming drying.  We avoid toxic compounds such as PFC or PFOA that put a strain on the nature. We solely produce custom-made products to avoid useless stocks ending at dumps.   Social aspect During the production of LIBERAL LARK coats, we cooperate with close and verified suppliers selected from the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. We take care that our products are sewn by qualified and experienced tailors, which supports local employment as well as the textile industry tradition in Middle Europe.  Governance aspect We act fairly, openly and transparently in LIBERAL LARK towards both our suppliers and clients. We apply the same managerial and ethical principles inside the company itself. 

LIBERAL LARK in the semi-finals of the prestigious Luxury Innovation Award competition

LIBERAL LARK’s strategy is continuous product innovation for the luxury fashion market. An excellent opportunity was provided to us at the international competition in Switzerland organized by Luxury Venture Group (LVG) – a company focused on supporting innovative start-ups in the luxury segment. Our brand of luxurious coats made from innovative LIBERAL LARK material competed with other foreign start-ups in the category Fashion and Design. The commission, after evaluating our strategy and product quality, decided on LIBERAL LARK advancement to the semi-finals.   The experience with this important event enriched us in several respects. Within the framework of the competition, we participated in an international summit in Geneva focused on the luxury segment in October 2021. This prestigious international event enabled us to see more of the backstage of the production and marketing strategy of big luxurious brands. Interesting personal discussions with leading world investors and managers represent a new potential for us for future cooperation. Photo:

From yachting jackets to elegant coat – the story and vision of Liberal Lark

Elegant, functional, but also “smart” and environmentally friendly. An unsuccessful quest to find a sports jacket that met these demands led the founder to establish the Liberal Lark brand in 2019. In the spirit of the credo that “clothes should not only be pretty, but also functional and smart”, she designed her first coat herself. But that was just the beginning… Fashion that combines innovation, elegance, sustainability and ethical principles Her passion for sailing sparked an interest in “smart” clothing and especially nanotextiles. Nanomembranes are characterised by their excellent resistance to water, cold, wind and dirt, as well as high breathability. With nanotextiles leaving a significantly lower ecological footprint, the choice was obvious. A work trip to London and the local climate gave the founder the final idea to focus on elegant clothing for business environments, which would work equally well for leisure activities. Unique and 100% original Liberal Lark coats and jackets are the result.

Liberal Lark – sustainable fashion that thinks about nature and human labour

The 21st Century fashion industry faces serious environmental and social challenges. At Liberal Lark, we strive to minimise environmental impact with innovative materials and technologies as well as customised single-piece production. And we also keep in mind the tailors, without whom our quality garments could not be made. How nanotextiles cleverly help reduce the ecological footprint Liberal Lark clothing is made from nanotextiles with a patented membrane that makes it better able to resist wear and tear and last longer. There is no water contamination in the production of nanotextiles and the material does not require drying, which means important energy savings. We don’t burden the planet with unnecessary stock supplies, but only sew a limited number of pieces to order. We support local European producers We work exclusively with European SME workshops – small and medium-sized enterprises. With a clear conscience, we can offer you coats sewn by qualified and properly paid tailors working in decent conditions.

5 reasons to choose Liberal Lark

Style, innovation, functionality, natural materials and sustainability – Liberal Lark’s mission is to meet today’s standards in terms of quality, aesthetics and responsibility towards nature and society. Unique nanomembrane with patented treatment It provides superior breathability and protection against water, wind, cold, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, thus significantly increasing the comfort and durability of the garments. Each piece is an original At Liberal Lark, we respect individuality and personal taste. You can design your own exclusive customized garment in the online configurator. What’s more, we’re also developing a 3D display function with AR, i.e. augmented reality. Natural textiles Liberal Lark clothing is made from quality cotton, wool, silk and cashmere to keep you comfortable and meet your demands for appearance and durability. Respect for the planet and honest workmanship In the production of our garments, there is no water contamination, no excess stock is created and the nano-textiles do not need to be dried. We work exclusively with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), thus supporting local employment. Hand-sewn in Europe Each Liberal Lark coat and jacket is hand-sewn by skilled tailors from the Czech Republic using materials sourced from European suppliers.

“Tailor” your own coat in the online configurator

You can design your Liberal Lark coat/jacket yourself from the comfort of your home – in peace, without hurry or stress. In our online editor you can choose the cut, size, colour and other details. You’ll soon be able to see your original garment in 3D with the help of augmented reality. From fit to lining to buttons – how to use the online configurator correctly The process for designing clothing is intuitive and easy. Step by step, you first choose the cut, then the colour of the garment, until you get to the choice of hat, buttons, lining colour, monogram and finally the measurements. In addition to graphics and photos, a clear guide with a table for correct sizing will help you out. You can always go back a step to see other variants.

Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort and protection of a nanomembrane

The unique structure of the nanomembrane gives Liberal Lark garments maximum breathability, resistance to wind, water, cold and dirt, ensuring you are comfortable in any weather. What are the advantages of a nanomembrane? The key feature is the extremely high pore density, which ensures its extreme breathability. Like human skin, our coats let body moisture, oxygen and CO2 pass through with ease. The nanomembrane also reliably prevents the penetration of water, wind and cold, as well as viruses and bacteria. Durability and maximum longevity of Liberal Lark garments What’s more, the thin top layer of nanoparticles effectively protects against pollution and pore degradation. The same technology is used for the outer knitted and woven fabrics, resulting in superior durability and longevity of our coats and jackets. Read more about the nanomembrane, its properties and maintenance.

Design your trench coat using our new AR feature

Thanks to our new augmented reality (AR) feature, you can soon look forward to customising your favourite trench coat not only in 2D, but also in a 3D interface. With your regular internet connection, you will be able to visualise your coat from all the angles, selecting your preferred cut, colour, size and other parameters. This feature will become an integral part of our online configurator, making your experience with Liberal Lark even more interactive and fun. How does AR work?  AR is a cutting-edge technology which complements your visual experience of the world by digitally created objects and various 3D elements. With the help of your smart phone or iPad, you can then get a more realistic experience when visualising various items, how they fit in a particular surrounding or, for example, match your personal style. With Liberal Lark, you will see your newly designed trench coat in its real 3D dimensions, wherever and whenever you like.

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