Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort and protection of a nanomembrane

The unique structure of the nanomembrane gives Liberal Lark garments maximum breathability, resistance to wind, water, cold and dirt, ensuring you are comfortable in any weather.

What are the advantages of a nanomembrane?

The key feature is the extremely high pore density, which ensures its extreme breathability. Like human skin, our coats let body moisture, oxygen and CO2 pass through with ease. The nanomembrane also reliably prevents the penetration of water, wind and cold, as well as viruses and bacteria.

Durability and maximum longevity of Liberal Lark garments

What’s more, the thin top layer of nanoparticles effectively protects against pollution and pore degradation. The same technology is used for the outer knitted and woven fabrics, resulting in superior durability and longevity of our coats and jackets.

Read more about the nanomembrane, its properties and maintenance.

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