Thanks to the unique structure the Nanomembrane has 25% more pores than microporous membranes. This helps the Nanomembrane achieve unique attributes that no other membrane in the world has. Unlike products from other manufacturers, we apply hydrophobic EXTREME from the top, the transparent treatment uses a patented innovation in the field of hydrophobic and oleophobic methods. This innovative solution does not require water during the process.


The Nanomembrane is 100% wind resistant and it flaunts with its extreme hydrostatic resistance. The Nanomembrane also provides protection against viruses and bacteria. The Nanomembrane is high-hydrophobic and oleophobic. The hydrophobic treatment is 4 times more durable than materials from other manufacturers, which helps the customer to save time and money.


The water doesn’t get contaminated during the manufacturing process. We even save energy, as there is no need to dry the textile. This technology helps to reduce the impact on the environment. Our hydrophobic treatment doesn’t use PFOA.

We also use the membrane that contains 25% of plant bio-ingredients. This saves the use of fossil resources.

We aren’t creating more impact on the environment by unnecessary production. Our clothing is custom-made according to the requirements of a specific customer.   


Natural fibers – cotton, wool, silk, cashmere are intended for people, who want to wear elegant clothes and for those who want clothes that are comfortable to wear. Our natural fibers have a hydrophobic coating and they can be also combined with the Nanomembrane.

You can choose:
– natural fabric only with transparent hydrophobic & oleophobic treatment from upper side, without membrane.
– natural fabric with transparent hydrophobic & oleophobic treatment from upper side and with membrane from bottom side.


Every customer is unique and has a specific body type that requires precision tailoring for his very own demands. Thanks to our web configurator, are our clients presented with the opportunity to create his exclusive personalized design. Our clients will have the privilege of knowing that their coat is exclusively for them.


A dedication to tailoring perfection, together with renowned quality of craftsmanship, is the key factor for our products.

The coats are tailor-made according to the highest world standards.


We support local employment. That’s why we cooperate with other local companies that are SME (small and medium entrepreneurs.)


The factory” Made to measure” is located in the Czech Republic, where all the garments are taken care of by tailors with years of experience in the field.


Our natural fibers are being made in in Europe – the Czech Republic, Italy, and France.


Each coat is the original and has its own unique serial number.

Thanks to unique natural fabrics with nanomembrane & configurator & production technology made-to-measure, each Liberal Lark coat is completely original, each coat has its own unique serial number.

Why did we decide to sew elegant clothes with a nanomembrane?

Every day we leave our homes for work, studying, sports or other activities. We are not able to do so without mobile phones, keys and credit cards, but also without a comfortable and quality clothing.

It is common that the sun is shining when we are leaving our homes and when we’re coming back, the weather is completely different. Unsuitable clothing can in such cases become an unnecessary complication of our daily schedule. Because we are well aware of these situations, we were looking for solutions that can not only help us avoid these unnecessary inconveniences, but also to make our precious time more efficient. We have found the solution in the natural nanomembrane materials.

What is a nanomembrane?

It is an innovative solution for textile treatment, to achieve its highest functionality.

How do we sew Liberal Lark coats?

In our case, we work with natural materials – wool, cotton, silk and cashmere.

The experts in this field devote their full attention to their work and hereby, have convinced us that they are the most suitable partners for our cooperation.The textile manufacturers have been developing their products for 25 years. Specialized tailors that will sew clothes chosen by you are professionals in their field for decades.

Hereby, we are pleased to introduce to you these clothes that you may create according to your wishes. It is precisely processed and at the same time, due to its innovative technoligical features, can make your much needed time more efficient.

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