LIBERAL LARK nanomembrane – more protection and comfort, less burden on nature

The basic building block of LIBERAL LARK coats is a patented nanofiber membrane, having pores that are 25% more than in the case of microporous membranes. 

And how the customer and mother nature feel about these unique qualities?

Our coats will provide you with maximum protection against rain, wind, cold as well as against dirt, viruses and bacteria. Thanks to high elasticity and breathability, you will feel simply comfy in our coats even in rainy or chilling weather.   

The application of Nano membrane has a positive impact on the environment. Production of nano textiles gets along without using water or toxic substances such as PFOA. The combination of a nano membrane applied to a natural textile with a top nano layer provides LIBERAL LARK coats with
above-standard resistance. Given the fact that we solely make tailor-made products and products made to order, we do not burden the planet by overproduction.    

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