LIBERAL LARK Supports Young Talents

Creativity, hard work, and open-mindedness are some of the many positive attributes of the young talented people who the LIBERAL LARK brand cooperates with.

“The potential of young people is huge. They see things from many different angles which the older of us do not perceive. They focus on facts and their correct application and have a great view of the future. To develop and duly apply their talent, we should give them as much space as possible,” Lenka Linhartová, founder of the LIBERAL LARK brand, says.

For this reason, the brand strategy is to support students, graduates, and young professionals. The brand cooperates with them in the sphere of environmental legislation, in developing 3D/AR models of coats, and also in the creative audio-visual sphere. Since LIBERAL LARK’s every step corresponds to its strategy and philosophy, the brand’s photo models are talented international school students preparing for their university studies in Great Britain and Japan.

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