LIBERAL LARK’s Advice: ‘Leave the Umbrella At Home’

We all know to be in a hurry, trying not to forget anything when leaving home. There is one thing you can dismiss from your mind: the umbrella. Folding a LIBERAL LARK hat in the pocket of your LIBERAL LARK coat without taking up much space or fastening it inside the coat will do. What is the advantage of this? Tailor-made LIBERAL LARK hats and coats are made solely of quality natural textiles with oleophobic and hydrophobic modifications on the surface and may be accompanied by two types of membranes, including the biomembrane. These protective layers protect the textile from water, dirt, wind, viruses, and bacteria while preserving the air permeability of the material. 

All coats are made in a classical elegant style and are precisely tailored based on the customer’s precise instructions. Configuring your coat and your hat will give rise to an original ultimate luxurious solution for your business and free time. Is it raining? Just lift the collar of your coat, put a hat on, and cheerfully walk the streets, knowing no bounds and freed from carrying an umbrella. –And that is what LIBERAL LARK is about.

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