New Bio Membrane in LIBERAL LARK Coats

One of the LIBERAL PARK niche brand attributes is the environment-friendly approach. For our customers’ maximum comfort, the ultimate LIBERAL LARK tailor-made coats, made solely of natural materials, benefit from 2 types of membranes, nanomembrane and non-porous membrane, applied to the underneath of natural materials (wool, cotton, silk, cashmere). Our special innovated production technology then provides the textile with maximum air permeability and resistance to viruses and bacteria. All natural textiles are protected from dirt thanks to the invisible surface modifications, oleophobic and hydrophobic. The membranes and the protective surface layer are maximally friendly to the environment, are free of prohibited chemicals, and are produced with minimum water consumption. 

Since this May, the LIBERAL LARK brand has started using another type of membrane containing 25 % of biopolymer. Again, the soft non-porous hydrophilic biomembrane meets the strictest standards and is typical of strong resistance to degradation. 

“It’s another step forward in our sustainability and environment protection strategies. We are happy to be able to replace 25 % of the fossil source consumption with biomass while preserving the maximum quality and functioning of our innovative natural materials,” the brand founder says.

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