Breathes and Protects even without a membrane

The strategy of the LIBERAL LARK brand is to produce high-quality clothing according to ethical principles and in full compliance with the demanding requirements for environmental protection.

For the production of tailor-made coats, we always use only top-quality processed natural textiles of wool, cotton, and in combination with cashmere. Of all textiles, high-quality wool is now the favorite. This is due not only to its breathability, ability to wick away sweat, antibacterial and antiallergic properties or flame resistance, but also to its positive effect on biodiversity.

The technology for processing of natural materials has advanced and the innovative properties of these new natural textiles are often comparable to outdoor ones.
That is why we have decided to use natural materials on our coats without a nanomembrane. The coats are thus more accesible and easily 100% recyclable. The required attribute of water resistance is still preserved thanks to a special surface treatment of the outer fabric, the production of which is fully environmentally friendly.

The LIBERAL LARK brand focuses not only on natural innovative textiles, their flawless processing and precise tailor-made sewing, but also on digitization, support for local small and medium-sized enterprises and sustainability.

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