Liberal Lark – sustainable fashion that thinks about nature and human labour

The 21st Century fashion industry faces serious environmental and social challenges. At Liberal Lark, we strive to minimise environmental impact with innovative materials and technologies as well as customised single-piece production.
And we also keep in mind the tailors, without whom our quality garments could not be made.

How nanotextiles cleverly help reduce the ecological footprint

Liberal Lark clothing is made from nanotextiles with a patented membrane that makes it better able to resist wear and tear and last longer. There is no water contamination in the production of nanotextiles and the material does not require drying, which means important energy savings.
We don’t burden the planet with unnecessary stock supplies, but only sew a limited number of pieces to order.

We support local European producers

We work exclusively with European SME workshops – small and medium-sized enterprises. With a clear conscience, we can offer you coats sewn by qualified and properly paid tailors working in decent conditions.

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