LIBERAL LARK will represent you even virtually

The luxurious niche brand LIBERAL LARK will clothe you with elegance and distinguish you even in
the virtual world, which penetrates more and more through the real world. Our coats will soon become compatible with technologies such as extended reality, meta version or NFT.

Try on your fashionable item through extended reality

Now you can design your coat in detail in a 2D configurator on our website and order it right away. We are currently working on an innovative 3D/AR configurator; the configurator will contain a new function of extended reality so that you can see the coat designed by you in 3D/AR for example at home in your bedroom or anywhere else with Internet access. Instead of a mirror, a smartphone, Internet and your creativity are sufficient.

LIBERAL LARK fashion also suits virtually – thanks to the interconnection with NFT and meta version

It is just your unique coat – which you will design yourself in a configurator – that may become
a non-fungible token (NFT), i.e. a digitalized collector’s article. Besides a physical garment that we will make for you and send to your address, you will also receive a specific code for its virtual shape. 

Then you can put on the coat in the so-called meta version format, where we are represented by avatars. The objective of the niche fashionable brand LIBERAL LARK is inter alia to provide maximum comfort and elegance to clients not only in the physical, but also in the virtual world.


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