LIBERAL LARK complies with ESG

The abbreviation ESG – often currently used also in connection with sustainable investing – designates liability of companies at the environmental, social and governance level.  Let us see how these three principles are reflected in LIBERAL LARK’s strategy.  

Environmental aspect

Care for the environment is at the foreground during the design and production of LIBERAL LARK coats. Garments are made from nano textiles, the production of which does not require use of water, does not contaminate water and progresses without energy-consuming drying.  We avoid toxic compounds such as PFC or PFOA that put a strain on the nature. We solely produce custom-made products to avoid useless stocks ending at dumps.  

Social aspect

During the production of LIBERAL LARK coats, we cooperate with close and verified suppliers selected from the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. We take care that our products are sewn by qualified and experienced tailors, which supports local employment as well as the textile industry tradition in Middle Europe. 

Governance aspect

We act fairly, openly and transparently in LIBERAL LARK towards both our suppliers and clients. We apply the same managerial and ethical principles inside the company itself. 

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