The effectiveness of digitization cannot be achieved without personal customer communication

Not only a precisely tailored custom coat, an efficient online showroom, and communication, but also personal discussions with the customer are a priority for LIBERAL LARK. 

We have therefore decided to open the first consultation points in four European capitals: Vienna, Palma, Prague, and Berlin.

We are ready to introduce you to our special natural fabrics, which you can view and try on finished coat models. We will assist you with the design of your coat on the 3D/AR configurator and gladly explain why we complement an NFT of 3D model with each tailored-made coat.
The connection between a physical product and a digital product, especially when you can design the coat according to your wishes, is not a standard combination of services. However, we believe that our innovative approach to the business model will gradually become a new standard in fashion, continuing to evolve. We want to highlight the true values of clothing – quality textiles, precise cuts and craftsmanship, functionality, and the durability of materials, all with consideration for nature and society.
We don’t sew unnecessary clothes, only those you design and order yourself. Along with natural textiles that are easily repairable throughout their lifecycle and subsequently fully recyclable, we are moving towards high-quality and sustainable fashion with a touch of new Web3 technologies.

You can book an appointment HERE.


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