LIBERAL LARK, free as a bird?

‘Why LIBERAL LARK?’ is a question frequently asked by customers.

LIBERAL generally expresses freedom, where generosity, impartiality, and tolerance take their rightful place.
LARK is a symbol of dawn, joy, creative imagination, and intuition.
Some may associate it with a ‘free bird’ in the simple, figurative sense of the word.

Yes, liberty and freedom have become the basic attributes of the brand, drawing from the founder’s life experience. Her first longing for freedom arrived after the Velvet Revolution when she started to realize how a free and democratic country should function correctly. Her endeavours towards knowledge and change even intensified when she saw the actual huge differences between the developed democratic countries and the post-communist countries where democracy was only in its infancy. However, the society’s eagerness to quickly catch up with everything and be an equal partner to these developed countries was not always a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, some former communist countries did not have enough time to more deeply anchor moral and ethical values in the society like in the traditional mature democracies. People whose endeavour for personal gain and benefit prevail over the moral and ethical values still come to power and to the fore. To keep their power, interwoven with the entire society, they use, in particular, populism.

This long-term experience and dissent to the abuse of power have reinforced her perception of freedom and justice.

Liberalism is known to be appreciated, particularly, by people who have spent part of their lives in a non-liberal society. This experience is very important to the realization of what may be automatic and unimaginable for some. The more we understand the importance of freedom, the more we are able to protect and care for it.

The materialization of the idea of making elegant luxury coats from natural quality materials resisting demanding weather conditions while keeping their appearance and functions provides you with freedom throughout the day without getting stressed about the weather and about whether your coat meets the parameters of an elegant or leisure apparel. 

LIBERAL LARK is a luxury niche brand of tailored coats. The main attributes involve digitalization. The LIBERAL LARK team is working on another, new 3D/AR configurator of coats for customized coat patterns. These 3D models are intended for subsequent sewing of configured coats and are also useful for Web3, DAO, and, of course, with NFT. This new digital environment with blockchain technologies represents another level of freedom and free decision-making.


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